Proper Irrigation Management Including Irrigation System Repair Is Essential To Landscape Maintenance. At CAM Landscapes, We Will Have Available For Your Property Our Irrigation Specialists Who Are Trained To Inspect Your Sprinkler System For Proper Maintenance And Use To Ensure The System Is Not Wasting Water, A Precious Resource. Wasting Water Is Not Only Bad For Environmental Resources, But It Can Also Add Unnecessary Cost To Your Landscape Maintenance.

Our Irrigation System Repair Specialists Are Trained And Educated To Surpass The Standards To Preserve Water At Your Property. Proper Water Management Requires An Individual To Have A Complete Understanding Of The Entire Irrigation System Including The Specialty Of Irrigation System Repair. These Irrigation System Repair Specialists Frequently Adjust The Sprinkler System Depending On The Seasons And Other Variables To Include Erosion Of The Land, Changing Of The Weather, Flooding, And Even Drought Conditions. To Ensure Proper Year-Round Maintenance Of Your Irrigation System, Our Specialists Maintain A Checklist To Include Checking And Adjusting Timers For Proper Programming And Adjusting Watering Schedules According To Season. We Also Perform System Tests To Note All Areas In Need Of Adjustment. A Detailed Written Assessment Of All Findings Is Kept On Record For Each Scheduled And Emergency Irrigation System Repair Maintenance Assessment Performed. Expenses For Property Maintenance Are Important For Every Property Owner, And We Will Help To Ensure That Your Expenses Are Guarded To The Best Of Our Ability. Irrigation Maintenance And Irrigation System Repair Together Play A Vital Part In Controlling Your Costs With Water Being One Of The Largest Expenses For Landscaping Of Properties. Through Proper Water Management, CAM Landscapes’ 20+ Years Of Experience Can Begin Saving Our Clients On Their Water Bills Through Professional Water Management. Keeping Your Irrigation System In Excellent Working Order Can Save Money In All Of The Following Areas:

  • Water
  • Energy Consumption
  • Weed Control
  • Chemicals
  • Plant And Tree Replacement
  • Landscape Maintenance

Appropriate Irrigation System Placement And Management Also Includes Regular Routine Monitoring Related To The Position Of Sprinklers And The Output Of Each System. Sprinklers Are Consistently Checked For Appropriate Coverage And Are Adjusted Or Repaired On An As-Needed Basis. It Is Of The Utmost Importance To Limit Waste Caused By Sprinklers On Any Property We Maintain. As Water Is A Precious Resource For Landscape Maintenance, It Is Of The Utmost Importance To Not Waste. Wasting Of This Resource Can Be Detrimental In Many Ways. For Example, Overwatering Can Promote Erosion, Wash Away Pesticides And Fertilizers, Stimulate Fungus Growth, And Damage Roots Of Grasses And Plants. Hence, Irrigation System Repair Is An Important Part Of Our Maintenance Program.

We Offer The Following Tips To Help Reduce Your Landscape Maintenance Costs As A Result Of Insufficient Maintenance Along With The Effective Use Of Your Irrigation System:

  • Adjust For Seasonal Changes
    • It Is Imperative That Your Landscaping And Watering Needs Be Adjusted Throughout The Year. In Times Of Cooler Weather And Heavy Rains, Irrigation Frequency Should Be Limited. During The Hot And Dry Weather, Watering Should Be Increased. It Is Also Equally Important That The Timing Of The Watering System Be Adjusted For Optimal Use Of Our Natural Resources.
    • It Is Important To Have An Irrigation Specialist Adjust For The Turf, Plant, And Tree Needs Of Your Property.

  • Periodic Water Auditing
    • Periodic Water Auditing Performed By A Certified Professional Can Help To Control The Uniformity Of Water Distribution, Leading To Proper Watering Of Your Specific Landscape. Irrigation System Repairs Can Be Made To Control Waste And To Properly Irrigate To Provide For A Healthy Landscape.

  • Proper Maintenance Of Irrigation System
    • Our Specialists Can Provide Proper Maintenance Of Your Irrigation System. We Will Provide Timely Repairs Of All Broken And Improperly Positioned Sprinklers. Leaky Parts Will Be Identified And Repaired To Minimize Overwatering.

  • Timing Of Your Watering System
    • Higher Than Normal Temperatures Create A Multitude Of Problems For Your Landscaping Needs. Realizing This, We Suggest Watering At Night Or In The Early Morning Hours To Reduce Irrigation Needs. Sufficient Timing Of Your Automatic System Can Reduce Waste While Giving Only Enough Water To Reach The Roots Of Your Turf, Plants, And Trees. This Reduces The Chance For Fungus Development And Also Encourages Your Plants To Become More Drought Resistant.

  • Rain And Wind Sensors
    • It Is A Good Practice To Utilize Rain Sensors Which Delay Watering When It Rains. These Need To Be Checked Periodically To Ensure That They Are Working Properly. These Sensors Can Detect When There Is Adequate Water In The Soil And Are Tremendously Effective At Eliminating Irrigation And Repair Needs. Another Great Tool To Be Utilized Is Wind Sensors. Wind Sensors Detect Wind Speeds And Suspend Watering To Minimize Water Loss.

  • Native Plants
    • The Use Of Native Plants Is Essential For Every Climate. For Instance, Plants That Are Drought-Tolerant Require Less Irrigation Which Can Reduce Your Landscape Maintenance Expenses And Can Also Reduce Your Water Usage. Mulch Can Be Added To Help Reduce Water Needs By Adding Moisture.

It Is Important To Remember That Irrigation Repair Is An Ongoing Process. We Will Monitor Your System In A Hands-On Approach. Our Irrigation Specialists Will Ensure That Your System Is Running To The Highest Degree Of Efficiency. Irrigation Audits Are Run Monthly And Are Included In Your Monthly Maintenance Agreement. These Audits Include Monitoring, Maintenance, And Repair Of Timers And Valves. It Is Important To Note That CAM Landscapes Has Irrigation Specialists On Call For Emergency Service 24 Hours A Day To Ensure Hassle-Free Property Maintenance.
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